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Working Principles Of Plastic Recycling Machine Equipment

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As it is well known, plastic recycling has been established for many decades and many industries are into plastic recycling. And a million tons of plastics are being resold every year.


Recycled plastics are stored for later polymerization both at secondary and tertiary levels.


Initially recycling industries only majors in recovering and manufacturing byproducts and scrap which remains from the first plastic production but in this present age, the recycling process is also into reclaiming various consumer used goods.

 PP Washing Recycling Line

Also,  the process involves in plastic recovery is different according to the kind of plastic to be fabricated, however, there are some processes mutual to the recycling business which include sorting, cleaning,  size reduction, separation, and also pelletizing.


However, different and various equipment are used at every stage of the process.


Most importantly, to know the right equipment used in the recycling process purchasing a plastic recycling machine from experienced manufacture is the most recommended option.


Recycling process and equipment

Before a plastic recycling machine is used to break plastics, it undergoes some process. Plastic materials are needed to be group into resin types to avoid contamination.


The resin type grouping includes polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This is done to ascertain stock purity.


Sorting machines are used to recognize and group large quantities of used consumer plastic to ensure adequate grouping. However, the innovative sorting machine will be equipped with the following features:

1. Ejectors

The mechanical air ejector units are used to gather diverse plastic physically based on resin type. It most times handles higher rates of input.

2. Sensors

This is used to identify particular polymers among different plastic materials. They are equipped with infrared sensing or x-ray.

3. User interfaces

 This gives machine control and also indicates tools for technicians

4. Computing systems

These give algorithms that are used to group and recognize various materials. It also gives controlling parameters to ejector and sensor performance


Size reduction equipment

The usefulness of plastic recycling machine is to cut the material into various smaller sizes to ease packaging, distribution of recycled stock, future processing, and transportation.


Size reduction comes with different problems like some plastic are weighty, thick, hard, and abrasive to the metal blade.


However, the size reductions are done by equipment such as single shaft shredders, multi-shaft shredders, and granulators.

These equipment or machines are applied based on the resin types and sizes of cut needed.


Washing Equipment

Once the plastic has been cut into different sizes, the next thing is to wash to remove all dirties. Equipment used in the washing process includes water baths, washing lines, and a friction washer. Also, the detergent and disinfecting agent are used.


Separating Equipment

After washing the next process is separation treatment and this is done to prevent stock contamination. The separation process can be wet or dry methods.

Plastic recycling machines are designed with circular, flat, or inclined configuration which helps to group into wet and dry methods.


Pelletizing Machines

This is the last stage of the recycling process. This has to do with the extrusion of flake stock into the pellet. However, a single or double screw extruder is used at this stage.


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