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Recycling of production and post-consumer scrap means adapting to continual changes in incoming materials. Engineering must also take into account potential uses of the recycled product. This poses challenges not only for the line itself, but above all for us as developers and suppliers of innovatively designed plants.

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How does a project start?

Both production scrap and collected waste can be transformed into a valuable secondary resource. In decades of research and development, paired with process experience and closeness to the market, we have developed a comprehensive product range for processing all kinds of thermoplasts (such as PE and PP, PET, PA, PS, PLA, PMMA) and their mixtures, blends and compounds.

Whether fluffy film or hard-to-grind start-up lumps, whether humid or contaminated with foreign particles – after recycling, the product should be usable up to 100 % in another production process.

Each recoSTAR line has specific characteristics, but the main features are common to all. Design is modular, so that based on the input material a line is configured from individual modules which are adaptable if necessary.

As input materials and reapplication possibilities change, modules can be added and adaptations made in response to the market. Easy accessibility for maintenance, touch screen and visualisation, one-button start-stop, inline quality control tools, and other features help reduce operating costs. So does the energy-efficient design – another mark of our uncompromising commitment to sustainability.


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