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Hollow Sheet Applications

You are not familiar with the item "hollow sheet", but you must familiar with your home, many decoration material is hollow sheet, including your chopping board, some people choose PV hollow sheet as their house decorating material, they are healthy and safety to our earth and human body.

Plastic hollow board, Plastic fluted sheet, Anti static plastic corrugated sheet, Plastic hollow sheet for electrics bottom protection, PP hollow sheet clapboard, PE hollow board, Plastic advertising display board, Plastic corrugated sheet for bottles layer pallet, PP coroplast sheet, PP carton plastic sheet, PP correx sheet, Edge sealing PP corrugated board, PP turnover container box for packaging, PP corrugated packaging box for vegetable export, PP turnover packaging box for asparagus, PP collapsible packaging box for grape, Plastic fire-retarding packaging box, PP packaging box for pesticide, PP hollow sheet backboard for refrigerator and other PP hollow sheet products.

Hollow Sheet Benefits

1. PC Hollow sheets have very high impact strength over two hundred times the impact strength of glass and over 8 times the impact strength of Acrylic)

2. PC Hollow profile sheet can with Ultra Violet (UV) coatings could prevent transmission of the harmful UV rays, whereby preventing fading of the interiors. They also do not deteriorate over a period of time

3. PC Hollow sheet are 1/6 the weight lighter than glass of comparable thickness and easy for moving or installing

4.Easy to clean and has many applications

Sevenstargroup Hollow Sheet Parameters:

PP Hollow Profile Sheet
Extrusion Machine
1400 1800 2300 2700
Max Sheet Width(mm) 1250 1650 2150 2550
Sheet Thickness(mm) 2-6 6-12 12-18 2-6 6-12 12-18 2-6 6-12 2-6
Line Speed(m/min) 1-6 2-10
Max Output(kg/h) 180-260 220-350 320-450 360-500
Motor Power(KW) 55-90 75-110 90-132 110-160
Type of Screw SJ105/36 SJ110/36 SJ120/36 SJ135/36 SJ150/36

Main Parts More >>

1.Single screw extruder

2.Hydraulic pressure quick change filter net


4.Calibration table

5.First haul-off unit

6. Oven

7.Cooling station

8.Second haul-off unit

9.Cutting unit

10.Automatic control cabinet

11.Stack table

12.Screw loader

Process Flow

Feeding→extrusion→exchange screen→Die→Calibrator→first haul off →heat treating oven →Cooling→second haul off →cutting→stacking

After processing
 ​PP PE PC hollow sheet extrusion machine line

​PP PE PC hollow sheet extrusion machine line

 ​PP PE PC hollow sheet extrusion machine line

​PP PE PC hollow sheet extrusion machine line

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