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Maintenance of Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

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The demand for efficient and affordable pipes makes the need for plastic pipes extrusion line very essential for companies. Besides, the plastic pipe extrusion line is designed to produce pipes for different applications at lost costs.


The PVC pipes produced by the Plastic pipe extrusion line is suitable for water supply, drainage, laying of pipes, and other key applications. Interestingly, the pipes have a variety of colours for individual needs.


Purchasing a Plastic pipe extrusion line from a reliable and renowned manufacturer is very essential. This will guarantee a quality machine that meets your requirement at an affordable price.


To sustain the optimal operation of the machine, adequate maintenance of the components is very important. Appropriate attention must be given to all the key components of the machine.


Major Components Of Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

The following components are very essential in the plastic pipe extrusion line:

· Drive System

· Control system

· Feeding System

· Head and die assembly

 PVC Double Pipe Extrusion Line

Maintenance of the Plastic Pipe Extrusion Line

Adequate maintenance of the plastic pipe extrusion line sustains its optimum functioning for a longer period. The maintenance of the following components is important.


1. The Drive System

The drive system consists of the gear, the motor, the extruder, the belt, and the thrust assembly.

· Proper lubrication of the motor and other key parts are necessary.

· Before the driving of the pipe through the system, appropriate measures should be taken to avoid wrinkles on the pipes. 

· The belt should fasten appropriately to ensure the smooth rolling of the motor.


The Control System

The control system is majorly comprised of electrical switch control. This ensures proper operation of the machine. In short, there is no optimal operation of the machine without the proper functioning of the control system.

· The switch button should be properly checked to ensure that it is working properly.

· The source of power control should be free from disconnection during the operation of the machine.

· In case of a partial functioning of the button, an immediate investigation is highly recommended.


The Feeding System

The feeding system consists of the feed throat and the feed hopper. The resin enters the extruder from here.

· The feed hopper should be free from any foreign material.

· The depth of the channel should remain the same throughout the system.

· Check the system properly before the operation of the machine.

· Monitor the temperature to ensure it is not above the recommended level.



The Head And Die Assembly

This assembly consists of the die and the breaker plate. The head of the assembly determines the shape, dimension, structure, and position of the resin.

· Proper monitoring and frequent checks are necessary here.

· The breaker plate should be sharp enough the crush the resin to the needed requirement.

· The mouth of the die should have a fixed gap dimension.

· Check the die properly to ensure nothing is in the gap.


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