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Plastic  Shredding machine

Double uniaxial shredder

PE film crusher

Shredder and crusher two in one machine

Plastic pipe shredder

Double shaft shredder

EVA pulverizer

Plastic washing and recycling machine

Pet cleaning

1 ton pet cleaning

pet cleaning

500kg pet cleaning

Cleaning of PE film

PET cleaning line

Film cleaning details

pet cleaning

500 kg knitted bag cleaning line test machine

PET bottle crushing washing recycling line

pet bottle washing recycling line

Plastic granulating machine

LLDPE film granulation

Extruder 3

Film water ring granulation of compactor

noodle cutting pelletizing


water ring pelletizing

compactor with water ring pelletizing

Extruding and pelletizing machine

PE Film Granulation Water Ring

PVC wire skin granulation

water ring pelletizing

Extruder and pelletizer

Vertical forced feeding stretch granulation

PA nylon granulation drawing strip

Double stage side force feeder pelletizing machine


Double stage noodle cutting way pelletizing machine side force feeder

Double stage water ring cutting way pelletizing machine side force feeder

Plastic Film Squeezing granulator

Plastic  extrusion  machine

PPR Pipe Line

PVC tube laser lettering

20 110mm pe pipe

pe pipe

Checker plate

pvc pipe extrusion line

Checker plate

Tube line

PVC tube four out

PVC Button Line

110 mm PVC pipe

16 32mm PERT pipe extrusion line


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