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Advocacy: loyal to the job, loyal to the company. A professional sense of responsibility and loyalty to the cause of the development, will make you a worthy of someone else's trust, who can be entrusted with the task.

Do not do nothing to do with the job.

Do not say the company is not good, do not do things against the company.

Bottom line: Breach of professional ethics, violation of the interests of the company.

Disclose or sell the company's business, technical and financial information to outsiders or internal unrelated persons.

Use the company's resources, gain personal gain, or take the supplier commission or rebate.



Advocacy: share happiness and sufferings, mutual help.

Division of labor helps each other learn from weakness.

The team is proud of me. I'm proud of the team.

First team interests, personal interests.

Bottom line: In the company, slander and stir up enmity for personal gain.

None of my business, high hanging, no team concept, its own way.

Haggle over one's head and often quarrel with one's colleagues over small matters of life or work.



Advocacy: honest and trustworthy, words and deeds.

A word of truth is worth the whole world.

Abide by professional ethics, and when and where to safeguard the interests of the company.

Bottom line: falsification

Deliberately concealing the facts.

Violate professional ethics and seize resources from colleagues or corporate clients



Advocacy: down-to-earth, do their job.

Not ambitious, not exaggerated.

One can't be fat, but a fat man must be a mouthful.

Before the plan, there is an inspection, a summary after the event.

Bottom line: Do not do things, dawdle, passive slow down.

To avoid responsibility, did not undertake.

Three minutes of heat, work halfway, arbitrary.

A little success, even rely on pet and arrogant, no one in the head, not for progress.



Advocacy: professional production Not only did,but well done

Used to overcome difficulties, study job skills.

keep on carving, Persistence and perseverance in work.

Bottom line: Flee when you see difficulties, and give up when you see obstacles.

love pleasure and comfort, Picky about work.



Advocacy: "drinking water source", "drink water did not forget to drill people." Thinking about the benefits of others, learn two-way thanksgiving, a person who knows the gratitude in order to achieve the height of his life and career

Thanks in the heart.

Thanks for the mouth.

Bottom line: Thanks for the hand.



Advocate: adhere to the quality to win, promote scientific development.

improving management efficiency.

Strict control of product quality.

Perfect after-sales service system.

Build brand professional production team.

The pursuit of excellence in quality, filling the essence of enterprises.

Bottom line: thousands of miles of dike destroyed in the nest, do not miss any of a small problem, firmly attached to the customer made every small problem.


Continue to carry forward the sales advantage in the next two years, is expected to strive to sell billions of dollars.

Unswervingly implement the established environmental policy, to become green enterprises.

Continue to play a "comprehensive development of the market, differentiated product sales and high and low product positioning" competitive advantage.

Maintain and carry forward the advantages of independent manufacturing research and development, strengthen the research of new technologies and new product development..

Focus on market investment, strengthen the brand image, is expected to strengthen the brand through the brand.

Continue to implement the enterprise "home" culture, and strive to achieve a flesh and blood have a dynamic business.


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