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Recycling and Extrusion machinery require periodic inspection and maintenance to guarantee an optimal, reliable, and continuous production process and reduce downtimes. The experts of SEVENSTARS MACHINERY are qualified and experienced to execute both technical and electrical inspections and repairs on any installation and debugging. Based on your requirements, we offer the following agreements:

Arrangement for inspection, installation and testing work

● After informed machines ready for inspection, customer can send engineers to SEVENSTARS factory for inspection and test. Customer can also consign SEVENSTARS to finish inspection work.

● After the machines are delivered to customer’s factory, please arrange preparation work for installation

● SEVENSTARS will send technicians to the factory after preparation work is completed

● Technicians will be responsible for guide on-site installation and testing machines The buyer will pay for the engineer on ticket cost and accommodation and allowance 80USD/day


Quantity and quality guarantee

Quantity/Quality Discrepancy to destination port during transportation:

In case of quality/quantity discrepancy to destination port in transportation, customer should file claim within 30 days after the arrival of the goods at port of destination. SEVENSTARS will not be responsible for any discrepancy of the goods caused by shipping company and other transportation organization and/or post office.

Guarantee period and after-sales services:

12 months since installation finish and running

During this guarantee period, SEVENSTARS will provide spare parts without any charge in case of quality discrepancy caused by us. If the malfunctions are caused by your incorrect operations, SEVENSTARS will provide the buyer spare parts at cost price.

Long-term service:

SEVENSTARS will charge the buyer cost price of spare parts beyond one year and provide long-term technical guide.

Technical documents

SEVENSTARS will offer you all necessary documents, e.g. general layout plan, water scheme, electrical diagram and user manual after the contract is executed.


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