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Sevenstars provides the diverse high quality plastic recycling machines service to worldwide consumers, worldwide distributors
and domestic customers as the fastest developping company in Zhangjiagang China, 1500 people engaged in Sevenstars for their career choice, including 180 senior engineers,  56 marketing personals with rest supported human resourse. We produce over 1 million equipments every year.

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Mabo CEO



Manager Speech

As the Sevenstars CEO, Mabo created the Sevenstarsgroup in 2006, with remarkable charisma and wise decision, super insight in tanklling complicated marketing changes, making team cohesion, Sevenstars will provide world customers with high quality different recycling machines and offer ganrautee well-being to our employees. I believe i can lead Sevenstars' way to be world globle company with Scientific development philosophy and pragmatic approach.

Our company located in Zhangjiagang city, Jiangsu Province China. It is a famous city for all kinds of plastic extrusion and plastic recycling machine.

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