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What We Do

Our main products are plastic recycling plant,plastic pipe extrusion lineas well as other auxiliary machinery. Each year, we attend many overseas plastic exhibition in different counties.

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News and Events

[Product News] A Second Life for Plastic Waste

Plastic is a life-changing resource, but the same qualities that make it useful—alongside poor waste management—have created a global waste challenge. It's necessary to give a second life for plastic waste —— using a plastic shredder. Here's what you need to know.


[Product News] Recyclable Plastic: What Plastic Can I Recycle?

What is recyclable plastic? Even the best of us finds plastic recycling a minefield. Local Authorities have tried to make it easier by using terms such as: plastic bottles, yoghurt pots and margarine tubs. However, what do you do if you don't have these exact items? How do you know if they collect and recycle the plastic? Plastic waste is not ideal, but this guide will help you identify each plastic and work out what your Local Authority will take.


[Company News] The History of Plastics Recycling

Plastics recycling has a long and interesting history. It has expanded rapidly over the past few decades—today nearly all Americans have access to a plastics recycling program. And consumers now can find a wide range of products made with recycled plastics, from furniture to clothing to kitchen gadgets, which gives new life to these valuable materials by closing the recycling loop. Here are some milestones in the history of recycling plastics.


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Turnkey Project
Supply excellent equipment, perfect service and power turnkey service ability, Sevenstars has helped the clients achieve the efficient operation of equipment...

Quality guarantee
We give customer quality guarantee with 12 months after installation, and we promise that our machine is new, and adopt high quality materials. The quality, specification, function can meet customer request.

Installation service
Sevenstars consistently pursue its goal to provide the customers with professional service... 

After-sales support
When customer request it, Sevenstars will provided customers with spare parts and later technical guidance in time to help customers to solve the emergent production problem and guarantee the customer’s business development.

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More Advantage

We are the manufacturer

We can control both the manufacture of the machine materials and its fabrication into the finished products to ensure the dependability of our products. By using only the highest quality raw materials and subjecting our products to the robust quality assurance program, our commitment to our customers inspires value-added quality into every product we sell. 

We have four modern standard workshops

We have our own skilled worker team, sales team and after-sales service team, relying on unique management idea and perspective development concept, we can provide high grade service with a good prestige. Through unceasing innovation, we have obtained customers' unanimous praise. Furthermore, each year we will go to more than 10 countries for attending plastic machinery exhibition, at present, our sales networks cover hundreds of countries in the word.

We have fine working environment

Scientific business management pattern, and our rules and regulations are rigorous and financial systems comply with scientific standard. Unceasingly deepening our enterprise culture, we have carried out a series of adjustments of product structure and further reformation. We commit to creating innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to help foster a green environment and make our lives better and healthier.

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