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PVC Garden Hose Making Machine Successfully Sent To Malaysia And Romania

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Diligence, commitment and an unswerving determination to stand out are among the top traits that distinct a company from its contemporaries in the industry.


These qualities, you can tell aren’t easy to come by since almost everyone is searching for a quick and easy way to maximum their resources with a complementary interest in their investment. However, for us here in Sevenstar group, the story is markedly different from the norm in the industry, and this has in part led to our outstanding performance and reputation over the past decades.


Evidently, our reputation as a leading manufacturer of various plastic recycling machine as well as other plastic shredding machineries has led been one of the reasons why we have been able to lay a firm grip on various international markets in various countries of the world.

 PVC garden hose making machine

It is on this note that the management of the company decided to spread it tentacles of visibility to new frontiers of business affiliations with more countries and regions of the world.


And while deliberating about where could be the best countries to expand our market and product presence to, it was a unanimous agreement by the governing body of the company that the Romanian and Malaysian markets will be the perfect places to invest in.


Without a doubt, the choice and decision of the governing council of the company to move most of our high-quality products and highly experienced services to the Malaysian market as well as the Romanian market is one that is highly commendable due to the strong economic viability of these countries.


Well, among the list of our products, which was nominated to be shipped to the Malaysian and Romanian markets is our high-performance the PVC garden hose making machine, which are designed and manufacture to meet international standards.


And after finalizing and concluding plans about all the logistics that will be involved in shipping the said PVC garden hose making machine, a sizeable amount of the equipment was shipped to our partners in Malaysia and Romania respectively.


Upon the arrival of the products, it was said that the arrival and presence of the company in the various countries was a massive and grand-breaking step taken the company’s management to ensure that high-quality products from the company gets to every part of the world.

 PVC garden hose making machine

Adding further, partners of our company both in Malaysia and Romania pledge their continued support and hard work towards ensuring that the company has a firm root in each of these countries within the shortest time frame.


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