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Delivery of Plastic Extruding Machine to Our Clients in India.

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Plastic extruders are more commonly used than you think. They are often used in several industries and sectors. They are a fundamental machine and a necessity when it comes to either construction, interior designing, manufacturing just to mention a few.


At Sevenstars machinery, our range of products includes plastic pipe extrusion, plastic recycling plant, pet bottles washing machines and auxiliary machines. Our pride is in producing high-end quality and sturdy machines that meet up to the company’s reputation and standard. It was, therefore, a great delight when we received an order from a new client from India.

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We were proud and excited that word of our reputation for good quality plastic extruder machines had travelled as far as India.


The order was placed on the 15th of January, the order consisted of us delivering one plastic extruder machine to India on the 31st of January. We quickly set to work as there was no time to waste if we were to meet up with the deadline. A meeting was quickly scheduled for the next day which was on the 16th of January.


The meeting was an online meeting in compliance with the recent covid-19 protocols and precautions. During this meeting, the clients briefed us extensively on the order and what they wanted.


Our research and development team were also online at the meeting who took notes of all the specifications the clients needed, the meeting was rounded up and we got to work as soon as possible. With the team working hard and relentlessly, the machine was ready for use in the next week.


With an extra one week on our hands, that week was used for testing and running the machine. This is a very important step for any machinery produced by the company as this step certifies that the machine is safe and in perfect working condition without any defect o malfunction before it is shipped off for delivery.

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After the machine was done undergoing the series of tests and certified ready, it properly packaged and shipped off to India.


True to our word, we were able to deliver within the stipulated time without any delay or disappointments. The machine was successfully delivered with our clients satisfied with their purchase.


Our client's feedback

After the successful testing and delivery of the plastic extruder machine to our Indian clients, we received a feedback mail from the. Here’s what it read;


“We must say that we are impressed with the professionality of your company, but also at the speed with which the machine was delivered. The machine came just as we specified, tailored exactly to our needs. We were also pleased with the fact that it arrived in good shape regardless of the distance travelled. We do hope to have frequent transactions with you in the nearest future. Good job!”


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