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Plastic pipe extrusion line in PVC plastics

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Plastics are widely used materials due to their countless advantages, hence the importance of raising awareness in society that proper waste management is essential.

Here, we look at the PVC pipes and the application of the plastic pipe extrusion line.

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 PVC Pipe Machine

Why is PVC used in pipes?

Polyvinyl chloride - PVC - is one of the most widely used polymers in the world. It is used in a wide range of industrial, technical and everyday applications, from window frames and pipes to credit cards and blood bags. This is due to its versatility.


Created from salt (57%) and petroleum (43%), PVC was first produced commercially in the late 1920s and quickly became popular due to its flexibility, toughness, and cost effectiveness. In pipes, PVC has been used for more than 75 years and today it is the most widely used resin in plastic pipes. In Europe, more than 31% of all pipes are made of PVC. Worldwide, PVC pipes represent 39% of the market.


Uses of PVC pipes

Water transport

Both for drinking and in drains, PVC pipes carry water in various ways:


Other uses

PVC pipes have many other uses that are not limited to the transport of liquids:


Benefits of PVC pipes

Easy installation and low maintenance


PVC pipes are lighter than those of other materials and therefore easy to install. Once in place, they require little or no maintenance.


Extremely durable


PVC pipes have a useful life expectancy of more than 100 years since they are practically immune to corrosion and do not oxidize or react chemically with the liquids they transport.


Strong and flexible


PVC pipes are generally strong, yet flexible enough to bend without breaking, allowing them to withstand soil pressure and earth movements. They can also expand and contract to compensate for pressure variations in the system.




PVC pipes offer an excellent price-performance ratio, directly linked to their low installation and maintenance cost, their long useful life and the efficient management of waste when removing them.



PVC pipes can be easily recycled using the plastic pipe extrusion line, and used in new products. The properties of PVC remain intact during various phases of use.


· sewage water

· Drinking water

· Irrigation

· Rain water

· Solid and waste discharge

· Sewer system

· Hot and cold water

· Cable protection

· Gas distribution

· Gaskets

· Industrial applications

· Fire extinguishers

· Building a sustainable future


PVC has important key characteristics for sustainability. Above all, it is a much less oil-dependent material compared to other thermoplastics and, as it is a durable and energy efficient material, it helps reduce the use of natural resources. In addition, PVC pipes require minimal maintenance, further reducing the consumption of energy, raw materials and chemicals. Its light weight means that less fuel will be required during transport.


Application of the plastic pipe extrusion line

In the plastic manufacturing industries, the pipe extrusion line is important in the design and production of plastic pipes of varying diameters.

The plastic pipe extrusion line is an essential machine used in recycling of plastics and to control waste.

To obtain a sufficient and highly efficient production, manufacturers need to acquire extrusion machines with long durability, high quality and easy to maintain.


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