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Ethiopian Waste Plastics Require SEVENSTAR MACHINERY Treatment

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According to our understanding of the traditional way of disposal of waste plastics is landfill and incineration. Landfills will occupy a large amount of land resources, and will easily cause pollution of underground resources, posing a serious threat to the environment and health of surrounding residents. The gas generated by the incineration of waste plastics directly affects the air quality, and the residual substances after incineration also need to be treated harmlessly. Therefore, the emergence of waste pet bottle recycling machine has an advantage. This machine can collect and decompose waste plastics, and can also recycle used plastics through some techniques. The recycling of waste plastics is environmentally friendly and can be reused twice, saving resources.

 waste pet bottle recycling machine

Our customers in Africa reflect that Ethiopia produces a large amount of plastic products every year, wasting a lot of resources. Therefore, recycling and recycling of plastics has become an urgent need. Therefore, the appearance of  pet bottle washing recycling line can be said to be a very valuable product, and it is also a good business opportunity for Ethiopia's current situation. The recycled plastics machinery industry also needs to improve production process technology, reduce environmental pollution, and comprehensively consider the quality and energy efficiency of products in order to pursue more comprehensive, more coordinated and more sustainable development, thus moving away from a single, high-energy production. The model is on the road of combined and intelligent production methods.


The main workflow of our recycled plastic recycling line is to sort and sort the plastics, and then through plastic recycling machine, crushing, granulating, modifying and other processes, into a variety of transparent opaque plastic particles, and then according to the phase Classification, and finally become a renewable material that can be reused.


So many Ethiopian Ethiopian exhaust plastics are waiting for our recycle granules machine. Our machines will help them reduce the waste of materials and improve the utilization of resources.


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