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PET Bottle Washing Recycling Line PET Bottle Washing Recycling Line

To clean the PET bottles, a series of recycling machinery must be used. This series of machinery, either fully or partially automated, is often times referred to as a PET bottle washing line or recycling line. There are three phases that the bottles go through including sorting, washing, and drying.

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PET bottle recyle washing machine line

This is accomplished by the implementation of a series of usage machinery. Our commonplace PET laundry line ranges from AN input capability of 500kg/h upwards to 3000kg/h. The output capability is predicated on the quantity of contamination within the PET bottles you're usage. whereas our commonplace PET bottle washing line is adequate for many plants, custom setups with further machinery and hyperbolic capability is designed for your specific desires. Please contact U.S. for more info concerning custom comes. Below could be a list usage machinery employed in our commonplace PET bottle washing line.

Product   capacity(kg/h)












Needed   worker(persons)






Water   supply(ton/h)

Around   2-3

Around   3-5

Around   7-10

Around   10-15

Around   15-20

Power   consumption(KW/h)

To   be Determine

To   be Determine

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1. PET bottle washing recycling line is used to separate PET bottles from label, cap, oil, garbage.

2. The clean flakes can be used to produce the polyester staple fiber, PET strap band, granules, PET transparent film and sheets, etc. 

The top class flakes can be used to blow bottles again.

3. Recycling machine can be designed on the basis of how dirty the flakes, and make sure of the quality of the final products are very clean.

4.This PET bottle washing machine mainly used for dealing with waste PET bottle, LUMP etc.

Belt conveyor system width: 800mm

motor power be 2.2kw

Label remover width: 800mm

Motor power:2.2 kw

300-2000 kg/h


 PET Bottle Grade


Suit for recycling Waste PET bottles, include Water bottles, Soft drinks bottles, Oil bottles,PE bottles/Milk bottles, PP bottles, etc.

The PET bottles Recycling Line is mainly composed of Single Shaft Shredder/Plastic Crusher, Helix Loader, Per-washer, Label Removing Machine, vertical Dewatering Machine, Dryer and other equipment.It is suitable for handling PET bottle. Material will be processed by label removing, crushing, washing, dewatering, and drying. The humidity of final output could be within 2%.The whole production line is easy to operate, efficient and low energy consumption.
After-sales Service
Sevenstars Group have a experienced installation team to provide professional installation guidance and training support.

Our company provide a wide range of standard and bespoke plastic crushing and washing systems to meet the ever changing and demanding requirements of a modern recycling environment. The systems are capable of processing a wide range of plastic materials with varying levels of contamination including extremely heavy contamination such as PET bottles and milk bottles/ PE bottles.The whole production line is easy to operate, efficient and low energy consumption.


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