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We Have Successfully Expanded Our Market Coverage To Peru

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With about two decades in the industry, we can confidently say that our commitment to quality service and product delivery has been a thriving edge for us.


As a leading brand in the manufacture of PPR pipe making machine and other plastic extrusion line, we have worked ceaselessly to ensure that our customers all over the world receive only the best equipment per time.


While our commitment to quality service delivery continues to remain unswerving, our customer on their part relish in our satisfactory product delivery, which in part, is one of the reason why we enjoy a high level of loyalty from our clients.

 PPR pipe making machine

As part of our feats over the years, our presence and product usage has also gone far and wide even beyond the borders of Asia to other countries and continents of the world. And while we continue to look forward to more collaborations and partnership with our loyal and prospective customers all over the world, we have made yet another major stride to our credits.


Talking about our recent achievement is the expansion of our product and brand presence to Peru in Southern America, where some of our customers there have always longed to have our product outlet for ease of access to our high-quality products. For this reason, our company recently exported some of our highly demanded PPR pipe making machine and other plastic recycling and granulating machines and lines to Peru.


Frankly speaking, our move towards Southern America has been one of the biggest dreams of the company over the years. This, we always looked forward to actualizing due to the large clientele which we enjoy from that part of the globe.


Well, we are glad that at last, our diligence, commitment and a high sense of value for quality has open up new grounds for our business to grow and thrive, even beyond the borders of China and Asia.

 PPR pipe making machine

However, while we bask in the euphoria of this new and well-deserved feat from our collective effort as a team of seasons manufacturers of PPR pipe making machine, we are also conscious of the fact that we need to maintain the standard while raising the bar.


So, our words of commitment to our customers and collaborators in Peru is that we shall continue to be faithful to the call of quality both in product and service delivery. Also, with this rare privilege of being within the Peru market, we are also assuring our partners that we shall be very sensitive to what the demand of the market and customers are at every point in time.


With this, we trust that all our dealings between ourselves and our customers shall be a win-win for both parties.


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