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Sevenstars Machines were Shipped to Foreign Market in November

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Good news! During the first half month of November in 2019, Sevenstars Machinery has already shipped 5 PVC door board extruder with spare parts to India, a PVC pipe extrusion line to Ecuador and a PVC pelletizing line to Japan.

We packed the machines as soon as possible so that our customers will receive the in shortest time. In order to successfully export our pipe extrusion machines to the foreign market, we have communicated with our customers for many times and both of us have made very good preparations. Taking the bumps in transportation into consideration, we packed the machine carefully with anti-collision protection. In order to prevent the machine from shaking, we fixed it with ropes too.

We will provide perfect after-sale service to our customers too. Sevenstars Machinery will arrange engineers to customer's factory to complete installing and help them do training in operation methods. We will always guarantee best buying experience for our customers.

pvc door board extrusion line

Zhangjiagang Sevenstars Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 2006. Its original foundation was a small family business. Benefiting from several years of manufacturing and innovation experience and our dedicated and hardworking people, Sevenstars has become a medium- sized pipe extrusion machines manufacturer and supplier for having customers over 150 countries in the world.  

Zhangjiagang Sevenstars Machinery will always focus on quality and try our best to meet your requirements. Welcome to choose us!


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