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Processes Involved In Plastic Recycling

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The world is getting polluted on a daily basis. Human activities have given birth to different kinds of pollution that are harmful to our environment.


One of those kinds is land pollution, and one of the most common causes of land pollution is plastic waste.


You will find plastic waste in every household. Plastic waste is accumulated on land that should be used for other purposes as well as contributing to hazardous toxic fumes with time.


The only way this plastic waste can be eradicated from this area is by recycling it.


One may ask why we should recycle plastic waste. It is pertinent to do so because it gives birth to raw materials for other products.


However, for a cleaner and greener environment, there is a need to carefully source for plastic recycling machines in china from a professional manufacturer that has some proven and outstanding performance.


Below you will find a step by step outline on processes involved in plastic recycling.


1. Preliminary steps for Plastic recycling

Step 1: Sorting

Plastic wastes are of a different kind, hence, there is a need to separate each plastic according to its make and class.  


This step is very important because it gives rise to suitable raw material for a new product when processed in the shredding machine.


Step 2: Washing and drying 

The plastic waste needs to be washed properly to remove dirt such as stickers and glues. After washing it is properly dry.


This step ensures the quality of the raw materials that is, it is free of any foreign component.


Step 3: Shredding

Plastic waste is loaded into PET waste flakes granulation that runs the waste through different shredders.


This shredder tears up the plastic into small beads, ahead of the recycling process.


Step 4: Identification and Classification of Plastic

The plastic pellets undergo proper testing in order to determine their quality.


Step 5: Extruding

The plastic beads are subjected to melting so that it can be extruded into pellets.


The pellets are then used to produce different types of plastic products.

 PET machine

2. Processes of Plastic Recycling

The two most popular processes of recycling plastic waste are outlined below:


Heat Compression

Heat compression involves huge tumblers that churn the mixture. The pellets are loaded in the tumbler.


The major advantage of this process is that it does not require matching forms of plastic to be recycled together.



This process is very elaborate and accurate. Most of the problems encountered during plastic recycling are overcome.


The plastic recycling machine in china is usually a sure bet for this process. Because it reverses the polymerization reaction in order to recycle the same type of condensed polymer.


This process not only purifies but also cleans the plastic waste to create a new polymer.



For one to achieve a cleaner and purify polymer for new products with high quality, it is necessary for one to consider using the right machine.


Hence, all these provide one with handy information on how to choose PET waste flakes granulation effectively.


Lastly, always make sure that you team up with a reliable Plastic recycling machine in china for your plastic waste recycling. 


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