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How To Start A Plastic Recycling Business

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Plastic is playing a huge role in our lives from usage as plastic bottles to toothbrush, mug, bucket, tub, containers, polybag, and many more. The usage of plastic has kept on rising years after years and now time has come that we cannot live without them. Plastic is a known non-biodegradable substance which means that it is not possible to break it through natural means. Plastic also a toxic substance because when it mixes in the atmosphere it causes pollution. Scientists are quite worried about the rise in plastic waste as they are unable to decompose them in comparison to the waste generation.


Many people these days are setting up plastic waste recycling plant where plastic wastes like plastic bottles, polythene, polybag, plastic containers, boxes, packets, sheets and their likes are recycled into useful products. Let’s talk about how to start a plastic recycling business.

plastic recycling machine

Do Some Preliminary Research

Take a look at the recycling market you intend to operate in. Look online or in your local business listings to find plastic recyclers in your area. Decide whether a new plastic recycling company is in need in your community before getting started. Research manufacturers in your area who will pay for recycled plastics. Learn what kinds of plastic are in highest demand among manufacturers and how much these companies will pay for your recycled plastic. Become familiar with your state and local requirements regarding the types of plastics that are recyclable and the means by which they are collected.


Create a Collection Plan

Decide how you will gather recyclable plastic, whether by picking it up yourself from residential areas, contracting with local volunteer groups who can collect plastic for you or creating a dropoff center at your business site. Make arrangements with local businesses and volunteer groups and see if they will donate their recyclables to you. You can also boost your intake of recyclables with authorized placement of recycling bins in high-traffic areas.


Identify Location and Get License:

Now you are mentality set and prepared to start a plastic recycling business. Now in this step, you need to decide your business location. Since location is crucial for any business, so identify it in the best possible manner.


 plastic recycling machine

Obtaining Your Machinery

Your plastic recycling machines represent the backbone of your entire operation.


Without them, you’re just a bunch of people in a room with empty bottles and containers.


Make sure that your machines are top-notch, and spend all the time you need searching for the best possible models and brands. Don’t skimp on your investment in this area (if at all possible).


The quality of your machines will determine how productive your business is, as well as the quality of the final product. Substandard machines also break down more often, increasing your maintenance costs considerably.


Plastic recycling machines come in all shapes and sizes. One thing you need to consider is that the recycling process is pretty complex, consisting of multiple steps.


Not all machines will carry out all the necessary steps required to produce the finished product.


Some are “all-in-one,” and these are great for convenience and efficiency. Other machines carry out only specific functions – which means you’ll have to buy multiple units to produced your finished plastic.


There are massive, industrial-scale recycling machines designed for major operations. On the other hand, there are smaller machines intended for small to medium scale operations.


In the end, if you wants to know more about the machine, please feel free to contact Sevenstars!


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