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Energy Enhancement in Plastic Recycling Granulating Line

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Energy ingestion in plastic recycling granulator posts a significant challenge in raw materials pelleting as well as converting waste to raw materials.


The recycling process's significant energy depletion includes; lighting systems, heaters, blowers, pumps, dryers, mixing machines, motors, and granulators. These factors affect the throughput of pellet manufacturing.


The temperature of the barrel of the granulator is the basis for a breakdown of the rotor. The interior temperature of the granulator's barrel upturns as raw material is added for pelleting.


The built-up temperature is responsible for the rotor breakdown. Rotor breakdown interferes with the nonstop process and lessens the throughput. On the other hand, the decrease in throughput leads to improve in the explicit energy depletion.


However, when sourcing for plastic recycling granulating line for your pelleting project is ideal for you to contact reliable manufacturers.


Major causes and possible solution of energy depletion in a granulator machine

1. Stalling

Probable Cause and Remedy

i. Overfeeding; can be controlled by reducing the feeding rate.

ii. Inadequate stiffness on V-belt drive affecting belt slip and burning;  these problems can be addressed by monitoring the belt's strain and adjusting it as essential. Also, ensure the motor slide-base bolts are secure.

iii. Dull or impaired blade, and setting error of the edges; this can be overcome by setting up error motor.

iv. Connection error of motor running in the opposite direction can be corrected by following the arrow direction and re-install electrical fittings to obtain the proper order.

Stalling can be corrected or reduced by following the possible solutions suggested above.  

 plastic recycling granulating line

2. Material Overheat

Material overheating is the cause of the air-way blockage. To overcome material overheat is check so that the motor slide base bolts are protected. Also, monitor direction of fan turning, monitor speculation, and line or shaft for obstruction.


3. Bearing Overheat

This is caused by unnecessary strain on belt effort and lubrication error. This can be overcome by monitoring strain of the belt and modify as required. Also, maintain lubrication regularity and sustain the suggested lubricant.


4. Visible Flaws in knife

An inappropriate grinding process causes this. This can be overcome by the monitoring grinding method.


5. Blades are moving on Blade Chairs.

Uneven blade chair surfaces cause this. Blade moving on blade chairs can be overcome by dusting up to offer a thoroughgoing manner surface.


Additional Remedy

The improvement of the rotor is carried out in a number of steps. The progress finishes the amendments to fill in components.


Those modifications include the correction of the new chute, V-belt jerking, which the rotor linked, perfecting the fixed knife-edges, greasing, etc.


The most crucial stage is the setting up of the newly fabricated plastic recycling granulating line.


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