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Common Maintenance Tips to Enhance The Life Span of Plastic Recycling Granulating Line

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Heavy machinery, particularly mining, industrial, or farming machinery, necessitates ongoing maintenance to keep it in excellent operating order.

Poorly maintained heavy mechanical equipment such as the plastic granulating machine, on the other hand, is inefficient. Breakdowns are expensive, and safety is also a factor to consider.

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Here are five maintenance guidelines for plastic recycling and granulating machines;


1. Lubricants should be added and tested on a regular basis.

Lubricants are used to minimize friction between moving parts. The  service life of the plastic granulating and recycling equipment and parts can be extended by following a routine of appropriate lubrication maintenance.

One of the earliest and most crucial maintenance checks is lubrication. On the moving parts, look for symptoms of excess oil or grease build-up. Check for leaks around oil seals.

Be sure you use the correct lubricant. Every component requires a different type of oil or grease. Consult the manufacturer's instructions.

Checking the lubricants is a good way to figure out what went wrong with granulating machinery.

The particles in the used oil are examined by experts. The composition of any impurities will reveal which parts are prone to wear or disintegration.


2. Look for signs of wear and tear.

Parts in plastic recycling and granulating equipment breaks down due to vibration, stress, high temperatures, friction, and aging.

In addition, Gears and belts that are out of alignment can cause vibration. Accidents and poor operator technique might cause shock.

Excessive use, friction, insufficient lubrication, and worn parts, among other things, can cause high temperatures when using the machinery.

Many important factors are affected by age. Belts will twist over time. Seals will eventually dry out and fracture.

Even bolts will loosen and stretch, causing them to lose their form. In equipment, age is an issue to keep an eye on.

If you see wear and tear on any moving parts in your plastic granulating equipment, make sure to repair them as soon as possible

 Plastic Recycling Granulating Line

3. Maintain a clean environment and keep the machinery clean.

On the plastic recycling and granulating machine, there are numerous seals and filters in place to keep working parts clean and free of pollution.

Seals should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good working order. Filters should be checked and replaced on a regular basis.

Breathers should be kept clean in order to avoid producing a vacuum in the cab, which will draw contaminants in.

If the electronics in the cab become polluted, they are vulnerable to failure. For example, this has an effect on the clutch.

If at all possible, tge machinery should be stored in a shed or other structure.

Rust and rot can occur as a result of exposure to the  environmental elements.

Periodically, the machinery should be run even when not in use.


4. Establish a maintenance and repair schedule and maintain accurate records.

Fluids, tires, tracks, and electrical systems are just a few of the things that need to be examined on a regular basis for preventative maintenance. Having the knowledge of  what needs to be inspected and when it needs to be inspected is as important as ever .

Here are a few illustrations.

Many moving parts in power transmissions in the plastic granulating machinery must be kept in good working order.  Lubrication, vibration, and part damage should all be monitored on gearboxes.

Friction materials, seals, gaskets, and bearings must all be tested and replaced if they are worn. Gears and shafts typically survive a long time and are rarely, if ever, replaced.

Components of the drive train must be constantly monitored.

Always check the alignment and wear of the pulleys and v-belts of CVT gearboxes. Examine sprockets for proper chain meshing and breaks.

To diagnose issues, test the oil. Filters should be changed frequently. Bearings are essential for this machinery performance because they keep significant quantities of force moving smoothly

Endeavor to  check the lubrication of your bearings on a regular basis. Bearings last longer if they are adequately maintained.

Gears should be lubricated on a regular basis too.

To avoid bearing raceway contamination, perform a seal inspection.

Check the bolts for torque because over time, bolts can elongate and creep.


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