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A Wonderful Christmas Celebration To Our Clients

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It's being and explorative year in the industry. Due to the COVID-19, the global industry experienced a huge hit. This was a tragedy as companies shut down their business and others staggered through the period.


It is a testimony for us at Zhangjiagang Sevenstars Machinery Co., Ltd., as we were able scale through the turbulent period and were restored. It's been an amazing year still! And now, we are at the end of the year with celebration in the air!

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Yes, It's Christmas! A time the whole world anticipate in every year. We at Zhangjiagang Sevenstars Machinery Co., Ltd., as well are excited about this season as we celebrate a successful year.


It is always a memorable moments for us all, and we choose to make it even special this year as we celebrate Christmas with our clients and employees.


Being faithful to our call as a reputable plastic recycling machine factory who deal in the manufacturing of plastic recycling machine and our various services, we have been well commended by our global teeming customers.


It is extremely great to know that our services are appreciated by our customers globally, which have in turn promote our company to becoming one of the best.

Merry Christmas 

We cannot say "thank you" enough to our customers. But we wish to make this christmas a memorable one for them and their loved ones.


Therefore, we gave gifts to all our loyal customers who have been with us through the years till date. Also, to appreciate them for their support during this pandemic.


Making this season even more exciting, is our employees and staffs. They all have been our strength in this company, as everyone contributed their quota diligently.


The company considered it to be a great time to express their appreciation to all the staffs and employees by awarding staffs and employees according to their performance.


Also, welfare packages were given to them to make the Christmas celebration remain an exciting, fun loving and memorable one for both them and their families.


Joy filled the heats of everyone as they received the awards and packages. It was an exciting time for everyone.

As you all celebrate this Christmas, we wish you the blessings of season accompanied with love and joy.


We also want to remind our global teeming customer that we continue to offer quality services as reputable plastic recycling machine factory. We are always ready to take your orders.

To all our esteemed global teeming customers, staffs and employees we wish a merry Christmas. Enjoy the season!


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