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A Good Helper For Plastic Recycling-Plastic Pipe Shredder

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Many waste plastics in daily life can be recycled, such as polyethylene pipes, polystyrene pipes, plastic pipes, ABS, etc. As long as we cut it into small enough particles. We can use subsequent equipment to meet the recycling needs.


But the key is that the plastic waste particles used for feeding should be small enough, because some procedures before the process generally need to coarsely crush the plastic pipe. Nowadays, people cannot live without plastics, and plastics produce a lot of waste plastics. Waste plastic recycling is a big market, and the emergence of plastic pipe shredders is a good helper for plastic recycling.

 plastic shredder

The plastic pipe shredder is generally composed of a shredding mechanism, a bracket, a recycling box and a trolley. The size of the equipment is determined by the material size and material handling capacity. A filter device is designed inside the plastic shredder. When the plastic shredder works normally, the filter screen plays a role of separating materials and liquids, effectively reusing the remaining liquid on the bottle. For example, when smashing gasoline bottles, the remaining gasoline is effectively separated and reused. The plastic shredder is small in size and convenient to move; manual operation is simple and safe; the built-in garbage bag is fixed with a lock, which is stable and not easy to slip off, and the equipment is sturdy and durable.


The plastic pipe shredder can crush waste plastic pipes into small pieces of 5-10 cm for later production and processing, and is the preliminary preparation for pipe recycling. The equipment has good technical level and domestic characteristics. It is produced according to the various characteristics of domestic pipes and is more in line with the current domestic users' use standards.


You can choose a plastic pipe shredder as a good helper for plastic recycling.

Unlike plastic granulators, shredders are designed specifically for larger plastic waste, a plastic shredder is a machine used to cut plastic into smaller pieces for granulation. 

Large plastic waste are fed into the shredder first. Moving at a slower speed than a granulator, blades break the plastic down into smaller chunks. These pieces are then collected and washed and treated in washing and recycling plants before being granulated and sent to manufacturers.

 plastic shredder

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