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  • India customer visit us for PC PP hollow profile sheet extrusion line

    Mentioned the hollow profile sheet, common people feel strange to this product, but if i say it is the material of your plastic fruit storage basket, then you must know it deeply, today, let me bring you understand this mysterious item. it can used to other applications: Household medical hollow plate storage box,Garbage collection box,Household plastic wardrobe and so on.

  • How does the plastic pipe make? what is the material?

    When i was young, i am curious about why there is no splicing trace on plastic pipe, how does it make? i was wondering if it is made by welding sophistificate. i never thought the pipe is made by plastic pipe extrusion machine.I thought always about this situation, how it is made?

  • Is the wood product in the park really made of wood?

    We go to the different parks times, and never pay attention on the bridge on the water how does it make? is that trash really made in wood? That railings are really made of wood? This is a forgotten question for common people. Most people take it for granted that it is a wooden product,see the truth?

  • PVC foam borad manufacturing and applications

    Anaheim, CA -- Move over Styrene, Wood and other traditional materials used to make signage. Enter Expanded PVC Sheet, or Foamed PVC sheet if you prefer. While the standard Type 1 Gray PVC sheet and sheeting became a popular plastic material during the 1950's, new versions of this plastic material

  • Sevenstarsgroup standardization of area of workshop accessories

    With the expansion of Sevenstarsgroup factory, we replan the zones of the accessories placing, as you can see from pictures of below.

  • Sevenstars will Attend the Egypt Exhibition Next Month

    Sevenstars have attended many exhibitions in domestic and overseas, this time, we will go for Egypt for exhibition and bring the PET bottles recycling machine line and plastic extrusion machine line for better display and show to customer.



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