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Which Equipment Will be Used for Plastic Recycling and Then for Finished Products

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In the modern era, plastic recycling is a very popular business, and the products which are made by using recycled plastic are trending in the market. We know that our environment is very polluted thanks to the humankind and therefore, different societies are appreciating eco-friendly recycling process to reduce pollution. Plastic is a material which can't be destroyed for many years and remains in its original form. For that purpose, it is better to recycle plastic. 

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Parts of Recycling Machine and Their Functions

An automatic plastic recycling machine has different parts, and each of them performs a separate function. Let's discuss step by step detail of the plastic recycling procedure and the equipment which are helpful in the procedure. 


The first step in recycling is to sort out the collected plastic as per their resin type. The step is important because, without a proper grouping system, lot of unusable materials will be manufactured. Different type of plastic should be separated so we can proceed to the next step of the procedure. A sorting machine can easily categorize large quantity of these plastics due to sensors, ejectors, user interface and computing system.

Size Reduction

As we have categorized different plastics based on their types, now we need to reduce the size of the plastic so we can easily recycle them. For reducing the size of collected plastic, we can use a plastic recycling shredder machine. Plastic cutting has different challenges, and we need to cut down the plastic in specific sizes for the recycling process. The standard size cutting of the plastic can be easily achieved by using single shaft shredder. For complex cutting, we can use a multi-shaft shredder. A multi-shaft shredder works like scissors as it has multiple blades in rotating mechanism 

We need to note here that a single shaft shredder has slow motors. The slow motors increase the lifetime of the blades, which help the shredder to work in tearing motion. 

Precise Cutting

For precisely cutting down the size of the plastic, we'll have to switch to other equipment. Plastic recycling granulator that has rapid cutting rate and can cut down the plastic in precise order. A granulator machine is made by using a rotor which will be attached to rotating blades in the grid floor chamber. If you are using the plastic recycling granulator machine regularly, you need to replace the blades of the granulator regularly for efficient performance. 


After we have reduced the size of the plastic and have cut it into small pieces, we need to process the plastic through the finishing process. The finishing process can design the plastic in our required form and can remove any excess plastic material. 

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