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The Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Process Utilizing Recycled Materials

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The plastic pipe manufacturing relates to a technique for reclaiming PVC pipes from waste plastics, in particular to a process for making liquid delivery pipes. These pipes are developed by mixing waste plastics with new particles after regeneration. They belong to the technical field of injection molding. Its technical features include the production of recycled particles and PVC pipes. It is characterized in that the recycled particles are put into the plastic recycling machine China and pelletizing machine. The particles are mixed at a decomposition temperature of 60-180 ° C. It is hot-cut into small pieces of about 4mm; 3. The plastic recycling machine has the advantages of strong adaptability, good mobility, simple operation, and reliable performance.

The Plastic Pipe Manufacturing Process Utilizing Recycled Materials

When it comes to the plastic recycling line price, then different manufacturers offer it at different rates. You have to know the type of machine you require. In this way, you could choose a machine that is suitable for your production line. However, you must always purchase a machine from a reliable manufacturer.

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Summary of the Invention

It is important to comprehensively utilize waste plastic particles and plastic particles for the production of plastic pipe manufacturing. The present invention proposes a technology for making PVC pipes by recycling waste plastics. To achieve the above objectives, the technical scheme adopted by the present invention are as follows:

1. The production of recycled particles – It includes cleaning, material selection, and drying, crushing, granulation.

2. Production of PE pipes – It includes mixing, melting, and injection molding.

Material Selection

The cleaning refers to rough washing and rinsing the recovered old plastic in the pool. After that, they enter the rotary washing machine along with the cleaning agent or caustic soda for half an hour.

According to the different components, the waste plastic after cleaning is classified according to polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride. Dry drying refers to dehydration or dry drying of cleaned small pieces of waste material by a dehydration machine. On the other hand, the crushing means that the plastic blocks after the above steps are classified into fine crushers. They are crushed into small pieces and wrapped up.


Granulation Technique

Granulation refers to putting the crushed small pieces of waste into the grain drawing machine of the plastic pipe making machine. The pieces are added under the condition of the decomposition temperature of 60-180 ° C. It is thermally cut into small pieces of about 4.

The mixing refers to mixing the recycled particles and the first-use plastic particles in a weight ratio of 7: 3. Stirring is imperative for them. However, melting means putting the mixed particles in a heating box at about 200 ° C and heating and stirring until it becomes a paste-like substance. When it comes to the injection molding, then the melted paste-like substance into equipment is placed to produce plastic pipes.

Final Words

The recycled particles are then placed into the plastic pipe making machine at a high temperature. When they are heated, then they are trimmed into small pieces. These pieces are mixed up with additional particles to form up the plastic pipes. However, the plastic pipe making machine price depends on the features of the machine. Before you buy it, you should get familiar with its features.

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