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PVC pipe extrusion line

PVC pipe extrusion lineZhangjiagang Sevenstars Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • Analysis of the Reasons of Unstable PVC Pipe Extrusion

    Extrusion instability refers to the fact that PVC pipes are produced in a rapid and slow manner, which affects the quality of pipes. I have analyzed the following reasons for PVC pipe extrusion line, which are roughly in the following aspects: 1. The screw speed control is not accurate. Due to the c

  • What is the Process of PVC Pipe Extrusion Line?

    PVC pipe extrusion line is a combination of diverse machines. All these machines work together to produce PVC pipes. There are diverse companies in the world that are producing PVC pipes. In the last couple of years, the manufacturers have introduced advanced PVC pipe making machines.

  • What is PVC Pipe & How is it Produced?

    PVC pipe is a kind of synthetic material that is popular and widely used in the world today. Its global usage ranks second among various synthetic materials. PVC materials are extremely versatile, with good processing performance, low manufacturing cost, corrosion resistance, insulation and other good characteristics.

  • Sevenstars Machines were Shipped to Foreign Market in November

    Good news! During the first half month of November in 2019, Sevenstars Machinery has already shipped 5 PVC door board extruder with spare parts to India, a PVC pipe extrusion line to Ecuador and a PVC pelletizing line to Japan.

  • Sevenstars Machines are Marching into Middle East Market

    Congratulations! From 2nd to 14th in November 2019, Sevenstars Machinery has already shipped a PVC pipe extrusion line to Iran, a PVC door board extrusion line to Egypt and a pelletizing line to Iraq.

  • How to Choose Reliable PVC Pipe Extrusion Line Manufacturer?

    As a retailer, business owner or a simple consumer, your choices are very important. This is especially so when you are dealing directly with manufacturers.



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