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  • Plastics recycling machine technology got new updates

    A broad cross section of the industry will be represented at the exhibition including plastics recycling machinery and equipment suppliers, plastic material suppliers and compounders, handling and logistics services, pre-processors, plastics recyclers, waste management specialists, industry associat

  • Wood Door Panel Sheet Manufacturing Process

    Have you ever thought how does the door panel make ? PE PP WPC profile extrusion line can make the door panels and other wood or composite plate as you can see from the product details,and WPC profile is a new building and furnishing materials from PVC, PP, PE.

  • What does the PET mineral bottles turn out to be?

    PET plastic bottle cleaning production line, PET mineral water bottle cold water production line, PET hot bottle production line equipment, cold bottle processing equipment, PET self-crusher, PET mineral water bottle crusher bottle cap separation ups and downs of the bottle bottle rinse sink , PET Coke bottle crushing processing line-Sevenstars Machinery manufacturing mineral water bottle broken cleaning equipment.

  • Plastic bottle recycling campaign boosts recycling rate

    Plastic bottles recycling is extremely urgent nowadays for environmental protection. Sevenstars committed to make quality PET bottle recycling machine to make recycling factory can imrove the efficency. A campaign message recently used by the Carolina Plastics Recycling Council to stimulate.

  • How to improve the efficiency of plastic pipe extrusion line ?

    A lot of things must be in place to achieve what I like to call efficient extrusion. For a high-quality, stable process you need good people running the line and managing the operation. The equipment has to be in good shape, a comprehensive preventive maintenance program should be in place, and the

  • How to avoid the recycling machines breakdown?

    Every now and then there is breakdown caused by foreign bodies that enter the recycling machines with the feeding material. In simple cases there is “only” excessive wear at the grinding tools; massive foreign bodies, however, can cause a breakdown of the machine.



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