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  • 5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Extruder Machine Manufacturer

    In the last couple of years, China extrusion machine suppliers are investing in new technology. The suppliers have understood the importance of modern technology into devices. They know that companies and factories want such extruder machines that can handle all the tasks efficiently. Not just that,

  • Performance Comparison and Development Trend of PE Pipe and PVC Pipe

    From the research and development of PE pipes to the market, to replace UPVC pipes and occupy the market, it has become the best choice for most pipeline selectors. It is the fundamental reason. First of all, the material characteristics of PE pipes are better than other pipes.

  • What Kind of Equipment is Needed in the Waste Plastic Recycling Line?

    Regarding the treatment of waste plastic, many people still stay in the way of garbage plastic incineration. This treatment of waste plastic incineration is not only highly polluting but also a waste of resources, because most plastics can be recycled.

  • Environmental Protection Industry Drives the Development of Plastic Recycling Equipment

    After many years of use, plastic roads have been proven to have a long service life, which can eliminate and mitigate roadbed damage caused by the instability of substructures on the roadbed.

  • How are Plastic Pipes Made?

    PVC plastic, or in simple words, plastic pipes are now widely used in various applications. From home applications to drinking water to small industry manufacturing processes, they serve as a durable as well as an affordable solution.

  • What Machines can Make PVC Pipe Fittings?

    PVC pipe making machine line is a special kind of injection plastic molding machine that is specially manufactured by PVC pipe making machine suppliers for PVC pipe elbow fittings, PVC pipe tee fittings and etc.

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