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  • How are Plastic Pipes Made?

    PVC plastic, or in simple words, plastic pipes are now widely used in various applications. From home applications to drinking water to small industry manufacturing processes, they serve as a durable as well as an affordable solution.

  • What Machines can Make PVC Pipe Fittings?

    PVC pipe making machine line is a special kind of injection plastic molding machine that is specially manufactured by PVC pipe making machine suppliers for PVC pipe elbow fittings, PVC pipe tee fittings and etc.

  • What Machine Can Recycle Plastic Waste Material?

    Considering the ever-growing environmental pollution, every one of us is trying to recycle as much as possible. Be it the clothing industry, plastic industry, or electronics, steps are now being taken to recycle most of the things and reuse them for the better good.

  • PET recycling - Polymer Processing

    With the growing level of pollution especially those from plastics which are non-degradable by natural means, there is need for recycling. There are special equipment designed for this purpose which include PET recycling line.

  • What is the Process of PVC Pipe Extrusion Line?

    PVC pipe extrusion line is a combination of diverse machines. All these machines work together to produce PVC pipes. There are diverse companies in the world that are producing PVC pipes. In the last couple of years, the manufacturers have introduced advanced PVC pipe making machines.

  • What is PVC Pipe & How is it Produced?

    PVC pipe is a kind of synthetic material that is popular and widely used in the world today. Its global usage ranks second among various synthetic materials. PVC materials are extremely versatile, with good processing performance, low manufacturing cost, corrosion resistance, insulation and other good characteristics.

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