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Do You Know Where are Broken Woven Bags Going?

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People are using woven bags for decades. These bags are of great importance. They are made up of flexible cloth due to which they do not break so easily. They are strong and can be used for various reasons. If you want to wash these bags, then no issue! You can wash them by hand or in a machine. These are designed with the matte finish.

Do you know where are broken woven bags going?

The woven bags are exceptional in design and usable for years. However, do you know where the broken woven bags go? Many people do not know where these bags go when they are damaged. Well, the answer to this question is that: they are recycled. The broken woven bags are collected in numbers. After that, they are taken to the companies that make these bags. 

Almost every woven bag making company uses plastic recycling machine to recycle these damaged bags. The damaged bags are collected and turned into new ones with the help of this machine. This equipment is helping the companies to save time, energy, and money. In addition, it is offering recycling options due to which the companies are able to protect the mother earth. At the moment, we are going to tell you how this procedure is done. 

Getting The Damaged Woven Bags

The first method is to collect the damaged bags. Many people sale out the damaged bags to their near stores to get some money. However, other individuals usually throw them in the waste. From 2011 till today, the waste in the countries is increasing in tons. 

Accordingly, the companies have decided to make a plastic recycling extruder machine through which these bags could be recycled over and over again. Thus, some bag making companies are offering good rates for getting the damaged woven bags while others are getting them from waste and small stores. They have hired workers who collect the damaged bags daily and send them to the company.


The Work Of Company

The recycling of these bags is preventing material in tons to reach the landfills. Almost 60% of the damaged woven bags waste generated is recycled by the companies, which is great. It is possible because of the recycling machines like plastic recycling baler machine

The collected damaged woven bags are placed at the starting point of the machine. The plastic recycling machine takes these bags, cleans them properly, and turns them into the new ones in minutes.

Selling Of These Bags

When the new bags are produced, then the workers send them to the distribution centers. At present, different bag making companies are selling these bags over the internet. The recycled bags could be used again without any problem. People cannot notice either they are new or recycled ones. 

From the above explanation, you can understand the significance of the plastic recycling extruder machine. This machine is not usable for plastic but other materials as well. The recycling process is so beneficial for the companies. People are also supporting recycling due to which the demand for this equipment is on the rise.



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