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Abstract and Applications

There are various pipes in our life, The most common is the sewage pipeline, they are light weight and long life achivement, up to 60 % of raw materials can be saved in comparison to solid walled plastic pipes. The strength of the pipes is given by the corrugated design of the outer wall and not by wall thickness, as it applies for solild wall pipes.  Leaking of joints is very unlikely due to the very tight joint and low tolerance design of Corma’s Double Layer Inline-Coupling. so do you know how are they made? and what are their raw material?

Sevenstarsgroup machine line can make them in perfect, the technology is advanced and reliable.
PE series plastic pipe production line:
PE series plastic pipe production line is mainly used for producing pipe of water supply and drainage in the field of agriculture and construction cable etc. This machine consists of vacuum calibration tank, haul off unit , cutting unit, stacker etc. The single screw extruder and haul off unit apply famous A/C frequency conversion speed regulation device,both vacuum pump and driving motor apply famous brand.The haul off unit includes two-claw type,three claw type,four claw type,six claw type,eight claw type,ten claw type,twelve claw type etc,dust free cutting machine,saw blade cutting machine or planetary cutting machine can be applied,the property of machine group is reliable. The production efficiency is high with special device, it can produce inner wall spiral pipe,inner wall hollow pipe , and core layer foam pipe. It can also produce PP,PE,ABS,PPR,PEX,Silicon core pipe etc. The planetary cutting machine is controlled automatically with computer, it has such advantages of simple operation,reliable perfomance etc. It has reached international advanced level.
PVC one cavity production line : 
20-630 series PVC pipe extrusion line is mainly used in the manufacture of plastic PVC pipes with various diameters and wall thickness used in the industries such as agricultural and constructional plumbing,cable laying etc.This line is composed of conical twin-screw extruder,vacuum calibration tank,haul off ,cutter and stacker etc. The extruder and haul off adopt imported AC frequency control device, Vacuum pump and haul off motors adopt high quality products . The haul off methods are two claw type,three claw type,four claw type,six claw,eight claw type,ten-claw type,twelve-claw type etc . You may choose saw blade cutting type or planetary cutting type. It is additionally attached with length counter and intensifying device. This line with reliable performance and high production efficiency.Our company can also manufacture special pipe production lines ,e.g. spiral silencing pipe and core foaming pipe according to your requirements .
PVC double-pipe production line:
The production line is developed with the advanced technology of west Europe by our company.The main machine is SJSZ55/120 or SJSZ65/132 conical twin screw extruder is equipped with double tube single control stainless steel spraying calibration,it avoids waste condition when one tube is adjusted and the other one is affected. The auto single control double drawing machine and cutting machine are combined with the front double calibration technology to make operation more flexible let you enjoy economic benefit which is brought by separate control double tube extruding.
PVC pipe 4 cavity production line:
4 cavity PVC electrical tube , water supply pipe extrusion line can extrude four pipes at the same time on one machine . This line can save investment cost in factory building and production,which increase the capacity a lot and reduce production time . SJSZ65/132 conical twin screw extruder can easily reach 5.5-6.5 ton/per day ,the production speed take 16mm as example can get more than 8-10m/min .
The whole line is composed of conical twin screw extruder 65mm, 4 cavity mould , 4 cavity cooling calibration tank,4 station haul off , 4 station cutter,and 4 station tipping table.
All Lines
20-110mm HDPE


315-630 HDPE pipe

PE 16-110

20-110mm HDPE

SJ series film recycling pelletizer production line is the special equipment for the film recycling and pelletizing. With compacting machine, it could pre-compact the thin material into the small granule, making the automatic feeding material easier.


PE pipe SJ50



CPVC pipe

PE pipe SJ50


After processing 



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