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How is the plastic granulator applied ?

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A plastic granulator machine cuts and breaks down plastic into micro granules that are then molded into different products. The plastic granulating machine is equipped with sharp and heavy knives which are attached to the rotor and run at high speed to shear the plastic material. Plastic granulators are often fitted with screens that limit the size of granules that passes through them. Only the right size of granules are allowed to go to the molding section.  small plastic pelletizing machines are built to a certain capacity and will not function properly if they are overloaded. Therefore, choosing the right size of plastic granules machine is very important.

The capacity of the plastic granules making machine is based on the shape and speed of the rotor, the spacing between the grid and the angle of the blades that cut the plastic material. The grid provides control over the cutting precision so the size of the granules is even. The granulator blades cut very rapidly but their sharpness reduces over time if they are not replaced. Regular maintenance of the plastic granulating machine is very important to keep it running smoothly.

Majority of plastic reprocessing machines are designed with an open rotor. This allows more air to pass through the rotor and allows the plastic granules to agitate and cool rapidly. The open rotor plastic granulator is more suitable for light plastic materials, and is more efficient than the previous closed rotor granulator design. The open rotor plastic granulating machines can normally be fed with plastic materials of sizes 1/2” to 8”, and produce small granules of size 5/16” which appear like flakes or powdery form. These open rotor granulators are ideal for plastic bottles, milk cartons and similar products.

Granules making machines need to be applied with certain limitations in mind. All granulators are not built for the same purpose and it is important to know the difference. One criteria to keep in mind is the application or process for which the plastic granulator would be used. There are different granulating machines available in the market for processes like blow molding, extrusion, recycling and injection molding. The granulating machine works more effectively when it is chosen for a certain application.


The kind of material that will be fed into the granulator also dictates the type of granulating machine that you would like to buy. The method of feeding material into the plastic granulator is another thing to think about. Some granulators have a manual feeding method while others use a conveyor belt, roller or a robotic arm to feed plastic material into the granulator. The plastic granulating machine also needs to be configured with the description of the material that it will process, for example, plastic bottles, sheets or other material that is going to be fed into the machine. Dimensions of the plastic material also need to be put into the plastic granulating machine’s computer for it to perform effectively.

Selecting the screen size for the industrial plastic shredder machine is another important decision factor. The screen will filter the granules that are larger than the configured size, and will sometimes reprocess it to shred it into a smaller size. If you’re unsure of what plastic granulating machine to use for your application, experienced professionals can be hired for design and model recommendations. They will calculate your requirements and make suggestions for the rotor design, cutting chamber size, number of knives and other factors to give you a plastic granulator that is more efficient for your process.



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